Website Update: Julien’s Happy Ending

Kody Gives Julien A Massage
When Julien told me during his solo “audition” that he enjoys getting massages – especially when they come with a surprise “happy ending” – it gave me an idea for how I might be able to get our newest straight recruit to try sex with a guy for the VERY FIRST TIME.

It wasn’t easy (or cheap), but despite my own doubts as well as those expressed by some viewers, I was luckily able to convince this sexy straight athlete and amateur MMA fighter to come back for his very first massage from another male.

“Money makes the world go ’round,” Julien casually shrugs when I ask him what changed his mind. “I can handle it!”

See for yourself what happens when cute gay boy Kody returns to give the light-skinned “college boy” an erotic massage he will NEVER forget….

Kody Reaching For The Prize
With Julien lying flat on his stomach in nothing but his tight underwear, Kody tentatively reaches out to touch the nervous straight boy for the very first time.

This is Julien’s VERY FIRST TIME being touched by another man, and he doesn’t seem to know quite how to respond! He goes back and forth between clenching his eyes tightly shut or watching straight porn on his phone as the slim, baby-faced “masseur” begins to rub lotion all over his beefy young body.

There are a few awkward and amusing “too close for comfort” moments as Julien’s first massage from a guy quickly escalates to the NEXT LEVEL….

Julien's First Time
Watch with envy as Kody enjoys being the first guy lucky enough to touch and eventually TASTE the pretty dick between Julien’s thick legs.

Kody ultimately gives up his cute bubble-butt to that fresh straight-boy dick, showing the skeptical straight jock just how good another guy’s tight ass can feel!

Witness firsthand Julien’s fascinating roller-coaster ride of reactions ranging from stunned disbelief to guilty pleasure, eventually surrendering to the forbidden thrill of the moment, grabbing the slim gay boy by the hips, and aggressively POUNDING that tight young ass like sweet, virgin pussy….

Julien's First Time 2

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Kody and Julien

54 comments on “Website Update: Julien’s Happy Ending
  1. Eagerbeaver

    Ok sooooo first off i thought the scene was “ok”.. I could tell that Kody was being coached on the moans and facials.. Therefore i couldn’t stop laughing.. Lol..NOW… I’m about to go IN on Ms. Julia*… First off i was all for Julia after the first scene, i was digging Her… But after watching this scene SHE did with Kody and looking at the conversation about the experience, She got waaaayyyy too beside Her fuckin self.. Like this new Heffa is completely disrespecting our Lil innocent Kody.. Basically saying flat out that Kody has No Walls and that the best part of the scene was when She Pulled out and Started Jackin.. Really Bitch?? I’m pissed for Kody because that was some disrespectful Bs and i wouldn’t let Her continue to Run her Mouth about me while i’m still in the room, no! F*** that.. And by the way the conversation went.. SHE won’t come back anytime soon.. Unless she is starving.. And if she is i would like you to pair her up with Bishop or apollo to turn Julia’s ass upp. ✌??☀

    1. Michael

      I think you are SERIOUSLY overreacting to Julien’s comment! I personally thought it was hilarious (obviously, since I couldn’t stop laughing), and certainly not intended in any kind of malicious or derogatory way. I think it was just a clueless straight guy doing his best to avoid going on record as saying a guy’s ass was tighter and better than pussy, LOL.

      I think it is far more disrespectful and rude when gay/bi men refer to other men as “she” in order to insult and demean them. That has always been a big pet peeve of mine so please refrain from doing that on this blog in the future. Thanks.

      1. Lob Taylor

        Sorry Michael, am with Eagerbeaver on this one. I was not a fan of JULIEN /JULIA, but his comments totally put me off him. Like it or not we are Gay, AND it’s a big rainbow world out there. I can totally relate to the ‘she’ characterisation in this case.

      2. decaturbaby

        I don’t know what “eagerbeaver” was talking about.. I watched the whole scene, and I will have to admit Mike.. It was pretty awesome.. I was one of the ones who thought you would NEVER get Julien to do this kind of scene, even though I know your power of persuasion.. So when I saw the update posted, and before I viewed it, I didn’t think it would be good. I’m glad I was so wrong, that was a 9 out of 10.. in fact, I can’t see how Julien could have done better.. He was Hard as a brick the entire scene, and even afterwards.. I think he’s sexy as hell, and I love his deep cocky articulate voice.. I didn’t find him to be insulting at all.. His work spoke for itself.. His hard DICK spoke for itself.. I even found it kind of a turn-on when he seemed surprised at how good it actually was.. I never heard this “imaginary slight” that seemed to rub “eagerbeaver” the wrong way.. maybe his ex use to call him “loosebooty” and it brought back old memories……. I’m not a Kody fan, but I’m definitely a fan of Mr. Julien now… Good work Mike.

        1. Jo Wilfried

          The pairing of JULIEN and KODY is just a perfect fit for a NEW model to be featured. MICHAEL did good research on how to convince JULIEN to have his first scene with a dude… which resulted to be entertaining.
          I’m looking forward for the next scene of JULIEN…

      3. Bbalover3

        I agree .. Wow people are so rude & hypocritical if someone said that to your queen ass you’ll be hella mad

    2. Isaiah & Apollo fan

      Usually I don’t comment on what people say on here but your ass really pissed me off with this shit.

      First off, it’s disrespectful enough that you’re calling the guy a girl by referencing him as “her” that’s tacky and stupid and shows how ignorant you can be. Bad look!

      Second off, if you go back to a previous scene with Stephon and Dragon simply LISTEN to how Stephon was talking some disrespectful shit that was worse than what Julien said. It’s typical for a straight guy to react the way he reacted if he’s in a position like this.

      Third, if you have so much issues with Julien I suggest you find another site and stick with it and save your ignorance and negativity off of here and PLEASE get your panties out of a bunch. You’re a guy with a dick and balls NOT a female with a vagina and sees periods (I really hope you are).


      1. Eagerbeaver

        I dont give two F**** about how you feel!! .. Im going to speak my mind about what i saw.. He was acting like B**** and his comments about the experience were uncalled for and too damn cocky, and where im from thats B**** behavior. And if you listen CAREFULLY, you can tell michael was getting a little uncomfortable with [DELETED BY MICHAEL] comments by his hesitant responses. So yes any man with B**** tendencies i will call them a female as long as i see fit.. And i dont care about steph and dragon.. Dragon was older than kody when his scene happened.. And i have been a fan of BBA way before ya nuts got weight to them so dont get off telling me how ignorant i am and that im a sensitive queen homeboy because i dont like how was talking about his sex Kody…#KnowYourRole

  2. A.J.

    Well well u worked ur magic Mike. This is kind of surprising but ugh Kody could have stayed M.I.A. It is what it is though lookin forward to the next chapter hopefully there is one.

  3. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I loved this scene soooooooo much except the ending where we saw kody beating off I honestly didn’t care for it and I was expecting to see a preview of something else that Julien did.

    I’m going to say this. Even tho Julien had the porn there he was SURELY enjoying tf out that head game and also out that ass for him to be going HAM like he did LOL, he was definitely loving it. I give this scene a 9.5/10

    BTW Am I the ONLY one who thinks Julien looks similar to Chris Brown ??

  4. cocopop

    I for one was surprised to see Julien back, he remind me of a more reluctant Rico. While Rico complained after sucking dick of being humiliated after finishing his scene. Julien like Rico in spite of the camera showing how much they were enjoying getting their dicks sucked or fucking a guys hole for the first time deny the extent of their enjoyment. Julien did seem to be enjoying both, he couldn’t allow himself to say so. Unlike Rico he will be a tougher nut to crack, he comes off as rude. It shock me when he told kody to shut the fuck up. Overall the scene was hot when it came to the sucking and the fucking, however the brother needs an attitude adjustment if he’s to continue doing gay for pay. Out of the straight models so far Apollo and Saint seem to be the most secure with their sexuality to do gay for pay as Apollo so proudly stated Mike I know you persuasive powers with the pay check, but I don’t see this guy being willing to go as far as Rico, I may be wrong, I hope so.

  5. Jo Wilfried

    No one can match APOLLO’s demeanor… so professional and with breeding. I hope JULIEN and not “JULIA” please… WILL DO THE SAME.
    Now, looking forward for a NEXT level scene…

      1. Michael

        Now you’re just being obnoxious. I respectfully asked you to stop with these catty and totally undeserved “she/Julia” insults. You and LobTaylor can talk like that on other gay blogs all you want, but it’s a pet peeve of mine and will no longer be tolerated here. It’s one thing to criticize and express dislike for a model, but what you’re doing is crossing the line into blatantly insulting and disrespecting a new model for absolutely no reason.

        1. Eagerbeaver

          Michael…if u honestly see no reason to critisize Julien because of how he acted after then i dont know what to tell you sir.. Many viewers have had their negative comments in the past on this blog and have said far worse than me and my she/julia comments. So excuse me for standing up for Kody

          1. Michael

            I don’t have a problem with you or anyone else criticizing the models, but there’s a way to do that without resorting to name-calling and insults.

            And yes, I do think you’re blowing an offhand, innocent comment WAY out of proportion. If you listen carefully, Julien wasn’t even calling Kody “loose” as much as he was trying to avoid admitting that a guy’s ass could be just as tight if not tighter than pussy. Earlier in the scene, he very clearly said the ass was tight.

            If you watch the scene again, you’ll see that Kody laughs in response and doesn’t appear to take it as an insult at all. So let’s stop making a mountain out of a molehill, okay?

      2. Jo Wilfried

        @EAGERBEAVER, are you jealous that you’re not the first one to touch his body, ass… and other body parts? … just enjoy the scene and the next scenes coming soon. STAY TUNED!

        1. Eagerbeaver

          Never jealous.. I see kody as a young lil brother type because he looks so young and he is a great model for when this “NEW MODEL” comes and and gets way too cocky for my taste i feel like stepping up and having kodys back because of that. So if MICHAEL and that other thing with the long screen name have a issue with my comment then so be it.. But im just coming from a place of Protection.. Never jealous Jo

  6. Chris

    I do see Julien as being rude but it was obvious he was enjoying getting his dick sucked. He was rude and even tryna pound Kody & talking shit like his dick is big. Julien looks great and the cockiness is kinda sexy but his dick not big to me so he needs to lower his cocky level. But the scene was enjoyable.

  7. tynfyr

    well i had to go back and watch it again when i read the comments…

    “shut the fuck up”…

    i love it…

    i think it was the fact that he knew he wasn’t big enough to do kody any damage so all the fake moaning was irritating…

    i was crying when he said maybe this guy’s been through some shit…

    but prison rape though…

    i sense some issues with this one…

    but that ass needs to be handled…

    and it will be soon…

    he would have let kody eat it if he wasn’t scared…

    toss him some coins and he will do it all…

    i do like him though and i love the attitude…

    cocky, straight, arrogant, and pliable…

    would like to see more of him…

    but you already know that…

    wink… wink…

  8. Dexter

    He is VERY ATTRACTIVE But i know from experience that HIGH YELLOW GUYS Think they are gods gift to the world.. I CANT WAIT to hear him SCREAM FROM BEING FUCKED INTO A COMA!! LMAO

  9. A.J.

    Ugh it’s kinda disappointing reading about him having this attitude problem. If he can’t handle the pressure perhaps it’s best he moves on. Of course I expect resistance but being rude isn’t cool. I guess everybody ain’t easy. He’s young and handsome manners prolly don’t mean shit lol.

    On another note I miss A.B. and Beno. Tell Beno to use them vacation days or something it’s been too long.

    1. deeke

      I agree with you, A.J. Julien is physically attractive (even with his average/small penis) but his attitude seemed really disrespectful. There have been many “straight” guys on this site that didn’t come across as rude as Julien did. And as to your comment on Beno… AMEN! I miss him, too!

  10. BBA Fan

    lol you guys are overreacting to Julien’s comments. He clearly did not know what to say and was put on the spot after that experience so that was the best he can come up with in the moment. Mike this guy is a keeper. You need to sign him to an exclusive contract or pay him the money he wants to keep him coming back. Yes his dick may not be the biggest but he is entertaining nonetheless and the fact that he actually stayed erect the entire time is better than most of the gay for pay guys on this site. That cum shot was life and seeing Julien’s dick stay hard like that after he nutted was sexy. At least he is cocky for a reason, the guy has a body to die for and is gorgeous. We have to get him back for possibly some ass play or to experiment with another masculine guy like himself, possibly Apollo or Isaiah. Thoughts?

  11. Michael

    Julien is definitely a little bit cocky and blunt, and far more tense and uncomfortable than many of the more open-minded “gay for pay” guys featured on the site recently. But all of this talk about him being “rude” is really being blown out of proportion, in most cases by people I suspect didn’t care very much for him to begin with.

    Julien didn’t say or do anything in this scene that was any worse than what has been said and done by Stephon, Isaiah, AB, Rico, and most other straight guys in their earliest scenes. Hell, Isaiah even insisted on wearing a BLINDFOLD during his encounter with Cory, which one could argue is as “rude” as it gets, LOL!

    My take on the whole “shut the fuck up” moment: That definitely surprised both Kody and me when it happened, and we had a good laugh about it over dinner later that night. But again, I don’t think it was said with any kind of “rude” or malicious intent.

    Julien had already made it clear during his solo interview that he has a thing for rough and dominant sex, so it makes perfect sense that he would be aggressive and verbal when fucking a guy. He was also extremely worried both leading up to and throughout the shoot about being able to maintain an erection long enough to perform, so my personal interpretation is that Kody’s moaning was becoming too distracting and reminding him that he was fucking a guy, and telling Kody to “shut the fuck up” was his way of making the man-moaning stop so he could stay hard enough to get that “nutt” he was clearly ready to bust.

    Similar to when he complained about Kody’s dick being too close to his ass. In the context of this type of scene, that’s just blunt straight-boy honesty, NOT rudeness or a lack of respect.

    1. Chris

      I’m not complaining about his attitude, that turned me on. I think kody did good but he needed someone older like Cordell or Tyga who both tbh are not my favorites but they get the job done when needed

  12. Jo Wilfried

    Next JULIEN’s scene please…!
    .. w/ “Zuh-DIE-an.”
    MICHAEL, it’s time for the ROOKIES to shine in BBA.
    Let the VETERANS take their well- deserve vacation for now.
    KODY… JULIEN… and ZADIAN are a good catch for 2016!
    Can I recommend a MODEL for BBA? I guess, the one I have is way better… just let me know MICHAEL.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Justin

    I enjoyed the scene. I was actually surprised but pleased that Kody was the one starting off Julien. Kody’s nervous, shy and cautious massage of Julien was actually exciting. Wished he was a little more assertive with the kisses on Julien’s ass but all in all it was good.

    I agree with Mike about the ‘shut the fuck up’ comment. He clearly was close to cumming and Kody’s moans were in his head and preventing that from happening. I hope Julien will return and take things a bit further.

  14. bmam

    So I enjoyed the scene. I thought that because Julian has such a small penis I wouldn’t like it. I did not like his comment about Kody who had the bigger penis in this scene. You would think a guy with a dick that small would not make comments about how tight or loose someone’s ass may be when he is fucking if he even reaching Kody’s ass.

    With that being said. I like Julian. I like his body type for sure, his cocky demeanor and I would love to see a scene with Mike taking him down. This guy seems like a prime candidate to have one of those videos only Mike and BBA can give you where you have the ‘straight’ guy telling you all the things he won’t do UNTIL he realizes he needs the money. Then he is primed and willing to let Mike have his way with him until he is ready to drain his load on his face…

    I know some people make comments about when Mike steps in front of the camera but I’d be very interested in seeing him be taken down by Mike. While I’d enjoy just watching a black guy with a real dick pound his hole I’d also enjoy the way Mike takes his time and break down every barrier one at a time and relishes in it like only he can. Kinda like that scene wit Legacy “WHETHER HE WANTS IT OR NOT”

  15. cocopop

    Thanks for your interpretation Mike, it all makes sense as to Julien’s demeanor. Those are thoughts I’ll keep in mind when viewing other straight models. Overall the brother is for sure sexy, looks and body, hope to see more of him. How about a scene like you did with Saint and Isaiah in job evaluation/orientation with Apollo, Knockout or Ross playing Saint’s role taking him to the next level. I’m sure he’s not ready to bottom, that would be a hot scene. Then too Ross needs to go through that same orientation.

    1. Jo Wilfried

      I recommend a different scene like what a fan mentioned; “An erotic wrestling…” between JULIEN and CAESAR who are both MMA fighters or another version of a H.O.R.S.E. like the STAXX-KNOCKOUT scene between JULIEN and ISAIAH? How about that COCOPOP?

        1. JoWilfried

          If the scene will be handled well if not perfect this will definitely be hot and different from what we saw when most of the scenes are held in a bed, couch and in the shower. Any more suggestions, COCOPOP? A.J.?

  16. Jamal

    I think that Julien is very cute and I think he should have been paired with Blake Bishop. He is known to have great head. Also a nice threesome with Apollo bottoming for Ross and Saint at the same time would be nice or Apollo bottoming for Isaiah and Knockout would also be great.

  17. man12345

    I thought the scene was hot, the rude comments excepted. I will have to watch the interview again b/c I missed some of the things that were discussed in the blog.

    1. man12345

      I just watched the exit interview with Julien again and it was not that bad I thought. The comment about the tightness of Kody’s butt was a little out there, but I think the whole discussion made him a bit uncomfortable. When he was engaged with Kody there was clearly a pleasure response, which I think scares most straight men (the idea that he might really like it).

      Also the prison rape comment was just weird to me, but I guess that’s what was in his mind as evidenced by him growling at the end of the session with Kody. All in all I still enjoyed the scene. Can’t wait to see if this dude comes back for more, if he will go all the way (for the money).

  18. Jo Wilfried

    The emotion that I saw on JULIEN’s face in this scene is real. No implication of faking like KODY also when he got fucked. … NO NEED OF OVERACTING. I can sense if a model is faking in a scene esp. in an “anal” scene. Be a real man.

  19. Rob

    Some models you just gotta stick a dick in their mouths to shut them up. Those are the types Mike is best @ conquering. Not saying Julien is one but sounds like the masses want his trap shut. This is the only way to do it. I trust Mike is working his magic or has even already filmed it. This would be a welcome return for Mike to give Julien a good face fucking. And glue those pretty lips shut with a hefty load on your members behalf!

    1. Jo Wilf

      I guess JULIEN will listen to me… you don’t need to take dick or get “topped” IF YOU’RE REALLY A MAN. Other BBA models who did are NOT certified 100% straight to me. If they’re really a man… and do porn? It shouldn’t be here in BBA. There are a lot of porn sites for “straight” guys. So, JULIEN if EAGERBEAVER is wrong on saying against your “screen name”… PLS. LISTEN WHAT I SHARED HERE IN THE BLOG.
      Don’t eat your words.

      1. Michael

        Please stop with this ridiculous nonsense about authentic straight guys and “real men” not taking dick. As I’ve already explained to you multiple times, one of BBA’s major themes is testing the boundaries of straight guys and “tops,” with the ultimate prize being their tight, virgin asses.

        For the last time, this is NOT a website for viewers like you who want these guys to stay “pure” tops or “real men” as you put it. That is fundamentally the complete OPPOSITE of what this site is about!

        If you want to torture yourself by sticking around to see what happens to Julien and others, that’s your choice. But please stop ridiculing and insulting models like Apollo, who you worshiped and idolized until he finally bottomed (after ALMOST A YEAR, by the way). You never called his “manhood” or “straightness” into question when he was sucking dick, eating ass, and fucking other guys in one scene after another. But now all of a sudden he’s “history to you” just because he took a dick up his ass? That’s ridiculous.

        As someone who knows firsthand just how challenging and COSTLY it has been to convince guys like Isaiah, Stephon, Mystery Model, Rico, and, yes, even Apollo to finally give up their asses, I find it insulting to all of my hard work and many months of pursuit to see you constantly mocking these guys as being less than real men or closet gay bottoms.

      2. Michael

        You’re certainly not the first or last person to react this way when one of their favorite “gay for pay” models finally “goes all the way.”

        I discussed some of these issues awhile back in this blog post that you and others might be interested in reading (or re-reading).

        1. chucke1

          I agree, Michael is totally correct and on point!!!!! Absolutely insulting to the best porn producer and porn site on the internet! This site is not about staying a top or a bottom! BORING!

    1. Michael

      I just re-read my response and I apologize for being so harsh. Please continue leaving comments and feedback. You should even feel free to say that you don’t want to see Julien or other models “bottom,” as other viewers will sometimes tell me as well. That is your opinion and you have every right to express it as a passionate BBA member. I’m sorry for lashing out at you in a moment of stress.

      I was mainly reacting to the accumulation of frequent Apollo attacks from you lately, and I’m probably extra sensitive since I know you were his #1 Fan until he bottomed and at times seemed to enjoy it. But that’s your opinion and you should feel welcome to express it.

      Just please don’t start calling him APPAULA 😉 .

  20. Jo Wilf

    APOLLO is a peculiar BBA model. The very reason why I invested in your site. I will be APOLLO’s fan as long as you’ll feature him in every scene. I shouldn’t compare APOLLO to JULIEN since they’ve their own credentials. My previous comments on APOLLO is not a protest or my disappointment. I’m just being a TRUE follower of APOLLO. Thank you Michael for the consideration. As long as the majority of the BBA fans are happy I will support BBA come what may.

    I’m now looking forward to what’s next for tomorrow’s update as you’ve promised. Keep it up!

  21. cocopop

    I find it sad that grown men act like juveniles, I’m sure Mike pay good money to get these models to do what they do, and then to have viewers make such unappropriate name calling. Grow up!

  22. cocopop

    To all the twisted minded bottoms on here that get so offended if your favorite top guy decides to take a dick get over yourself this is porn and gay porn at that. If Mike pay Julien a big enough salary he will give up the ass just as Apollo did. And as far I’m concerned it doesn’t make him any less a man or masculine than if Julien did Considering the theme of the site what are you expecting to eventually take place if the price is right. Personally I don’t understand your twisted thinking or attitude.

  23. PapaBear

    OMG with these comments. More OMG with the responses. WTF with the continuing to have to explain yourself. This is a gay porn site blog for crying out loud.


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