Website Update: Ross – Raising The Stakes

Ross's First Dildo
Like most of BBA’s “gay for pay” models, Ross is still very much a work in progress. He has been extremely obstinate and resistant about some things, but refreshingly cooperative and open-minded about others.

For example, unlike most of the straight guys I’ve worked with, Ross is surprisingly candid about his love of ass play. He admitted during his solo “audition” that he’d been turned on to it by a freaky ex-girlfriend, and anyone who’s witnessed his unforgettable encounters with Blake Bishop and Cordell already knows that Ross clearly LOVES having a tongue and finger inside his ass!

Ross is still very reluctant to try an actual DICK, but I suspect that is probably more psychological than anything else. And after several months of persistent pursuit, I was finally able to talk this sexy straight boy into showing us the NEXT BEST THING by at least exploring ANAL PENETRATION with fingers and toys….

Ross Ass Tease
“I know that you like my ASS!” Ross addresses his fans at the start of this scene. “So I’m going to play with my ass for you guys today.”

He kicks things off with a tempting tease in which he generously shows off his cute muscle-butt, allowing his horny gay viewers to pay more attention to it than ever before.

“Y’all like how my ass look?” Ross seductively asks as he smacks, grabs, and even spreads open his firm brown cheeks to expose his pretty pink hole. “I know many of y’all been out there waiting to see something PENETRATE this!”

Ross's Ass Tease
Watch in horny suspense and amazement as Ross squirts a generous amount of lube onto his tight, winking hole and proceeds to plunge one, then later TWO, fingers in and out of that tight virgin ass as his eyes roll hilariously back into his head like some sort of possessed creature straight out of a horror movie 😉 !

Even though it isn’t part of our original plan and agreement, I get so turned on and caught up in the moment that I nervously ask Ross’s permission to reach out and touch his beautiful asshole for the VERY FIRST TIME. Of course touching it only ends up leading to MORE, and next thing you know I’m eagerly thrusting my horny white fingers in and out of that fresh, straight-boy ass….

Michael Galletta Finger-Fucks Ross
See for yourself what else happens when we RAISE THE STAKES and Ross RAISES HIS LEGS to plunge a variety of butt-plugs, anal beads, and dildos up his cute muscle-butt in this nearly full hour of SIZZLING-HOT ANAL PLAY….


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44 comments on “Website Update: Ross – Raising The Stakes
  1. Chris

    Ross has been my favorite since his debut. I love the fact that he admits when he’s enjoying himself. As I stated on a previous post it seems as soon as he gets into the scene he seems as if he’s on the brink of busting a nut. His cuteness & playful attitude along with his short height is what attracts me to him. Lets get him to kiss. I also want to see a good bottom ride the shit outta him & have the bottom suck him dry when Ross cums. That’ll give a good reaction. Bravo Mike I give you an A & Ross an A+.

    Lets get back A.B. & Caesar please !

  2. decaturbaby

    I do like Ross, but I’m not really turned on by ass-play with toys. But I do like Ross’s evolution and hope that it does lead to the kind of ass play that I do like (with a dick up in him 🙂 ) Good job Mike

  3. cocopop

    Freaky Ross has truly showed up, I knew from listening to his solo scene that he had a freaky side in him. I even watched it play out in other scenes of his, but he brought it home in this scene, that’s why I was not surprised how much enjoyment he showed from Blake finger fucking him. Loved it Mike, I previously stated that Ross is Apollo’s competition, and it showed more in this scene than any other. The difference in the two is Ross is a freak, Apollo more conservative, more performance . Once this brother give in and allow himself to kiss, suck dick and even take dick he’ll be hard to compete with. That brother is hot, great job Mike.

  4. Allen Wells

    I’m not into assplay toys or fingers either but Mike you did a damn good job on this one. I just wanted to see this guys asshole again. I got several closeups of it and enjoyed every minute of it. Ross is awesome. What a very handsome, sexy, and gorgeous young man he is. I like Apollo too but Ross may be slowly taking over. His voice and attitude turns my world over. Just wondering how you prevented yourself from putting your mouth between those cheeks. That would have been sweet. Hopefully, we’ll see that later in the year. Mike, I give you a 9.5 out of 10 on this one. I almost think you did this one for me. LOL!!! You are on a roll man, keep it up!!!

  5. MyPhatAss23

    Wow Ross really is evolving as we watch him in each scene and this one was fiya! He really loves his fans and plus he got paid very well for this scene. Michael good job and after them butt plugs and trying to take the dildos, yes he’s a work in progress, and I’m hopeful that he’s willing to go all the way the next time we see him. Also if you happen to make him an offer he can’t refuse let him pick the person that will be lucky enough to taste and fuck that sweet virgin ass baby.

  6. Dan

    You are really bring it in 2016, Mr. Galletta! This was a great scene! I, too am a fan of Ross and enjoy the slow (and possibly arduous) journey that this little freaky guy is taking. Ross, along with Apollo (still waiting on the massage/body worship video) and Freaky J (please tell me that more is in store with him), are models that I will watch EVERY time you post a video. Ross has that little man masculinity that gives his videos the extra oomph that makes you laugh and horny at the same time.

    I also like to see his eyes rolling up in ecstasy, his body quivering, and mouth agape as if entering a sex trance when you rub his inner thigh (G-spot #1!) or finger his hole (G-spot #2). I also liked when the toy was planted in his hole and pulsating as he jacked his cock (Oy!). What would have made this video perfect is if you had someone (maybe even you) taste those cakes! Ross would have shot straight off the bed. Maybe next time…

    Great job with Ross and looking forward to what you have in store for us in the upcoming weeks.

  7. Damien

    Not really into these types of solo scenes but I have to say Ross made it hot. I enjoyed it. He is sexy with a great personality. Great legs and ass.

    Ross asked for fantasy suggestions….these are mine.

    I would love to see a rematch with him and Apollo, with a lot of passionate kissing, dick sucking, 69, rimming, possibly a flip fuck, ……same type of scene we had with Apollo and Saint.

    I also love Freaky J and would like a scene with Ross. Also possibly a threesome with Ross, Freaky J, Apollo, or Saint.

    Lastly I have a slight underwear fetish…I would love to see him in some sheer type underwear. Nothing hotter than seeing a masculine dude’s perfect ass in some sheer type underwear. Also a jock strap is hot.

  8. Dale

    I NEVER paid much attention to Ross. I don’t really know why. Maybe the other people in the scenes kinda stole the show. That being said, I must apologize to the gods for ignoring this creature. He is soooo handsome and oozes sex appeal. I’m still Team Apollo and Team Saint, but Ross has definitely made me take notice.

  9. cocopop

    My fantasy suggestion: #1. A rematch with Blake, the two sucking dick (Ross seem extremely amazed with Blakes dick, couldn’t take his eyes off it) passionate foreplay with kissing, maybe mutual double ended dildo play (not that flimsy one he was trying to use on himself)…maybe they’ll fuck each other………..#2. Since he mentioned you Mike, how about the two of you doing what you do with the other straight guys, mutual kissing, dick sucking, with more ass play…….#3. Rematch with Apollo doing the same as in fantasy #1….make it happen Mike

  10. bmam

    Not into ass play but I am so into ross I’d pay to watch him read the phone book. He has so much sex appeal. I love his progression and I’ll go out on a limb and say 2016 is the year he takes a real dick.

  11. Jo Wilf

    Plain and simple; Why spend money for a pairing that can’t generate more viewers? I recommend a JULIEN pairing with either CAESAR or ROSS. (oral only scene)
    That’ll be a great scene!

  12. PapaBear

    This is the first video in a long time that I did not fast forward through at all, not once. I loved every moment. He did a great job and damn he has a sexy voice.

  13. Mj

    I know the next level for him is to be with you Mike. I just want to see the next level with him and Blake Bishop. I think Blake can bring the total freak out of him. Sexy lil dude. It would also be ssssy oooo hot to see him with Knockout that would break the Internet lol

  14. Semaj

    I swear he’s my favorite newcomer. I hope he sticks around for awhile because I’m in love with this man. In my opinion he’s perfect from head to toe. I just don’t want to get too attached because I fell in love with Randy & he never came back. Ross is amazing tho?

    1. cocopop

      Yes he does….that brother will burn up the site if anyone is able to put a dick in that sexy ass…..for real! Mike you just got to make it happen soon.

  15. cocopop

    Somebody give that brother some DICK, he’s mastered ass play (fingers, butt plugs) and doing gay for pay realizing the satisfaction guys get from taking dick. Hell, I old enough to be his daddy and the boy taught me a thing or two on the use of beads and butt plugs. He denied it but I believe he’s used both before.

  16. justin

    all i can say is :YES LAWWWWWDDDDD!!!! this scene with Ross was amazing…thank you Mike, this was a homerun from the start to the finish…it took me 3 views to get to the end (kept nutting part way & had to start over…lol)…..can’t wait for the Blake & Ross reunion (please, please, pretty please…lol)…this was definitely a 10!!!! always a Ross fan from the start & now him and my other fav Blake just gotta do that rematch…fingers crossed!!!!

    thanx Mike…..

    1. cocopop

      @JoWilf, Now that’s one I can’t wait to see, those two brothers looked good together. The time has come for Ross to do more than be fascinated with that Blake dick (he couldn’t take his eyes off it from the time he took the draws off) Blake taught him one thing, and that how to play with a man’s dick (he loves playing with his co-models dick now) long past due to return the favor and suck Blake’s dick. That would be Hot Mike….can you, can you make it happen?

  17. Erickson25

    Ross, if you follow this site, or read the blog. I know the money is good. You give the most interesting performance, and I’d hate to see it jaded, like your fellow classmates here on BBA. The 1 and 2, were great tops, but then, they got all the way turned out and the excitement is gone now. It’s almost tragic. 🙂 Now you got one and a maybe for friendly competition. I really don’t see Bandit going that far (bottoming) with this. I know the money is good, but leave something for the imagination. If I see you reading this on film right before you perform, I’m almost certain I will be losing you to the game, cause I can see Mike throwing that type of shade. Well, hopefully it will be much further into the four figures than what Isaiah and Apollo accepted. Same for Bandit…

    1. Jo Wilf

      APOLLO should remain as “total top”… YES, I’m one of his fan and I keep on saying that I subscribed on this site because of him. I told Michael that I’m shocked why he “bottomed”… IT’S JUST BECAUSE OF MOOLAH? You’re the No. 1 BBA model… YOU DON’T NEED TO GET FUCKED. You still have followers … I don’t know why. Now, ROSS is the main subject to follow No. 1 and No. 2 since No. 3 is a guest pornstar only. ROSS, I WILL CHALLENGE YOU NOT TO FOLLOW THEIR FOOTSTEPS. Be a “total top”… until you retire in the porn industry. Do you want your children watching your videos of you getting fucked? I don’t know what values you gonna impart to them… IN CASE YOU GONNA RAISE A FAMILY IN THE OFFING. … just an advice coming from me.

      1. cocopop

        @JoWilf, Brother, you are a constant contradiction (bordering on hypocrisy) on your views. You start out being a fan of Apollo as a top, then turn on him when he becomes versatile, knowing this is a theme of the site. You then question his masculinity, or should I say the real man, real top theory come into play. “A real man can fuck a man, but he’s less than a real man if he’s getting fucked”. Here you speak of values Ross will pass on to his children watching their father getting fucked, while earlier praising Julien and Bandit for being “real men, real tops” for fucking a man. So what values would his kids receive by seeing their father fucking another man they would not get from seeing him get fucked? You sit there watching and praising your “real tops” fucking men while setting yourself up as the values (moral) police. How far does your hypocrisy extend, or do you even realize what you are saying? Mike keep the hot scenes coming.

        1. Jo Wilf

          COCOPOP, that’s my personal views. I hope you know from now on that I’m trying to share something that you haven’t heard from someone. Is that “hypocrisy?”

          1. cocopop

            @JoWilf, maybe I went too far using that term. Mike, how in the hell did you get along without this brother’s wisdom your first 5 years?

    2. Michael

      Not sure how many more ways I can say this, but BBA is really, REALLY not the website for you, LOL! If you’re the type who wants your straight boys and “tops” to stay “pure,” then just about every other black gay website will happily grant your wish by serving up the same boring and predictable “roles” week after week.

      Here at BBA, we’re going to continue testing the boundaries of straight guys and “tops,” with the ULTIMATE prize being their tight, virgin asses. Perhaps you overlooked one of our main brand taglines when you signed up for the site? “A young black ASS is a terrible thing to waste!”

      For most of BBA’s viewers, there’s nothing hotter than seeing a hot, masculine straight guy finally bend over and GIVE UP HIS ASS.

      And you’re absolutely right about me not being above “throwing that type of shade,” LOL. Can’t wait to prove you wrong when I finally get your beloved Bandit and/or Ross (ironically enough, a natural “bottom” if I ever saw one) to dedicate the scene to both you and Jo Wilf as he throws his legs in the air and takes another man’s dick up his tight, virgin ass for the first of hopefully many times 😛 .

      As far as Apollo’s concerned, his recent bottoming scenes currently rank among the most popular and best-selling scenes in BBA history, so I guess others didn’t get your memo about his career’s “tragic” demise. Quite the contrary! Apollo has proven himself to be a sexy and talented performer as both a top AND a bottom, and for every fickle fan that he might have lost since he started to “bottom,” he’s gained at least a dozen NEW fans who LOVE his newfound versatility!

      1. Jo Wilf

        Assuming ROSS… let’s focus on No. 4 first instead of BDB.?
        Deal or NO deal??
        I prefer a ROSS-TREY DONOVAN pairing … How about that? Make it happen Michael!?

  18. platinum313

    I am versatile and only like versatile scenes to be honest. you do great work Michael. Fuck who ever don’t like it. your models put the ones in Chicago and Miami to shame……………….

  19. Bopbop1

    Wow wow wow. Ross I liked how his ass was throbbing when he was pushing out the nut and the dick got much firmer. This dude is a pro and should be brought back for some real passionate fuck. Maybe he gets a little dick in his ass to raise bar. Michael I have a fetish of seeing the scrotum pulsating when cum is pushed out. Thats why Ross scene was amazing for me. Ross made me sign up for the site now Justin caused me to re-join. Hey them two will make a good pair in some heated action. Think I would bust on the opening…


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