Website Update: Zadian’s First Time

Zadian's First Time

This week we’re bringing you the return of Zadian in his very first “gay for pay” scene!

“To be honest, I already spent the money in my head!” Zadian bluntly explains when asked about his surprising decision to take this big step.

A man of hilariously few words, Zadian admits that he’s also impatient and even a little excited to get on with the show and give this a try. “Let’s do it!”

For Zadian’s first time, we’ve brought over an experienced gay “bottom” that we were confident could show the sexy skater-boy a good time.

Watch as Rory gets to be the first guy lucky enough to touch Zadian’s slim, dark-skinned body and wrap his lips around that fresh virgin dick, treating the visibly stiff but clearly horny straight boy to an epic blowjob he will never forget!

“Whoa!” Zadian mumbles under his breath as Rory’s talented mouth swallows his entire dick WHOLE. “That feels GOOD!”

After experiencing Rory’s impressive DEEP-THROATING skills, Zadian is ready to let the world watch as he fucks a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME. He slides his RAW dick up and down the warm crack of Rory’s thick, juicy ass before eventually plunging it deep inside….

Usually in these types of scenes, our biggest challenge is helping the reluctant straight guy get and stay hard. With Zadian, however, we ended up having the complete OPPOSITE problem as he repeatedly (and hilariously) struggles to keep from getting TOO “excited,” too soon!

Zadian’s mind and facial expressions might be reluctant to admit that he’s actually ENJOYING sex with a guy, but his rock-hard dick can’t deny the pleasure of a warm mouth and tight ass!

Viewers looking for skilled and passionate fucking from more experienced models would probably be better off skipping this scene. But if you enjoy watching every tense, unpredictable, occasionally awkward, and sometimes even hilarious moment of a curious straight boy’s experimentation with guy-on-guy sex, then this is a scene that should be more to your liking!

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51 comments on “Website Update: Zadian’s First Time
            1. A.J.

              I asked because I wanted clarification about your real men analogies. I mean you generally like tops and that’s what you consider to be “real” men. From that I could gather you could be a bottom which means you’re not a real man by your standards. I could only assume though without bluntly asking whether you’re male or female. I mean no harm just inquisitive about your nature of thinking is all.

              1. JoWilfried

                I don’t need to reveal my true identity on this blog. About my own definition of a real 100% straight guy; “A man can’t get fucked or love to have any anal penetration if he considers himself a 100% real man.” I hope I give you now an answer of what you want me to share.

                1. A.J.

                  I think your definition of a real man is shallow. So what are men who bottom? Fake men? I suppose men who suck dick aren’t real men either? That’s not exactly a masculine trait is it? Being a man is about so much more than sex but I understand.

                  1. JoWilfried

                    A man who gets “fucked” is not a 100% straight to me. A man who sucks dick is not a 100% straight as well. I’m sorry MICHAEL if I open up this again but A.J. wants me to define what’s a straight man to a gay man.

                    1. A.J.

                      I asked you to define what a “real” man was by your standards at least. I know the difference between straight and gay. The subjects are two totally different things. BTW straight men suck dick and get fucked all the time whether it be for personal advantage or other reasons. The world isn’t as two toned as you may perceive it to be. There are other colors besides black and white out there. I understand what your getting at it just comes off as prejudiced to some degree. Which is why I intiated the conversation to better understand your perspective.

                    2. Damien

                      That is a myth. Two masculine men having sex is the most masculine act a man can commit. All testosterone in the room, no estrogen. To me it’s more masculine than a man having sex with a woman. Women are feminine….the sex is not masculine. A man who likes to bottom or suck dick is just as masculine and a man as any other man. Also I have news for you ….any man who fucks another man’s ass is not completely straight despite the denials coming out of their mouths. There has to be some interest and curiosity there. Money or not.

                    3. Damien

                      Michael: Love your site, love you too. ….but I definitely do not agree with your definition of sexuality. I would never in a million years have sex with a woman. I don’t care how much money is offered to me or how much Viagra is given. It would be beyond repulsive. I would need years of therapy. It would be so unnatural that it would be disturbing. I also would feel like I would lose my masculinity. I would feel emasculated. To me having sex with a female is not a masculine thing to do. It is more feminine to me. That aside, I have been with plenty of “straight” or “bicurious” men in my life. There is no way a 100% completely straight man is going to have sex with another man, no matter how much money is offered. I have had guys tell me they’re straight because they hate the idea of being bisexual. They love to suck dick, rim, some even kiss but swear they are straight. It is the culture and societal taboos that form this mindset. Some dudes (and women) are 100% straight, 100% gay, and a very large percentage have a fluid sexuality which can be anywhere on the scale. Money, alchohol, and the lessening of the taboo is helping more guys to have the freedom of experimenting. The desire is in there, and most still will not admit it.

                    4. Michael

                      Damien: I hear what you’re saying, and I know the type of “straight” guy you describe. I’d put some of the BBA models in that category for sure. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t also legitimately straight men who will sometimes participate in gay sex strictly for the money (and not just in porn). In the same way that just because YOU can’t imagine yourself going “straight for pay” doesn’t mean there aren’t other gay men who can and will under the right circumstances.

                      My larger point is that sexual orientation should be defined by one’s desires and attraction, not one’s sexual acts. I’ve known plenty of gay men who have gotten a drunken blowjob from a girl at a party, or fucked a lonely female friend out of sympathy or boredom, and at the end of the day they aren’t any less gay. In the same way that I know from FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE that whether you and others choose to believe it or not, some of these guys doing “gay for pay” porn are in fact STRAIGHT. (I’m tempted to tell you some stories, but I’d hate to ruin the fantasy for you, LOL).

                  2. JoWilfried

                    FACTS: ADAM is a real man. In your belief, a “straight guy” sucked dick? … get “fucked” ALL THE TIME?!? Oh… Men.
                    ALL “straight men” I know don’t suck dick and get fucked.
                    A man that suck dick and get fucked in my own definition is not a 100% man.

                    1. Michael

                      If I’m not mistaken, English isn’t JoWilfried’s first language, so I believe that has caused some confusion and there seem to be two very different issues at stake.

                      If we’re talking about the definition of a “real man” in general, then of course it’s ignorant and even offensive to say that anyone who sucks dick or gets fucked is somehow less than a “real man.” That’s basically saying that the vast majority of gay and bisexual men are inferior and less than “real” men.

                      Sadly, it’s a belief that is still very prevalent in our society and regardless of whether he’s a man or a woman, Jo Wilfried is hardly alone in feeling that way. And to be totally honest, these attitudes about masculinity and sexuality (in black culture especially) are a big part of what makes many of BBA’s scenes so taboo and thrilling and hot. Straight boys “surrendering” their “manhood,” masculine “tops” reluctantly taking on a more submissive role, etc.

                      It’s a complex topic and I can’t really do it justice in this reply, but even though I might sometimes echo and even exploit these attitudes for their erotic power, I don’t literally believe that any man who sucks dick or gets fucked is any “less” of a “real man.”

                      Now if we’re talking about the definition of a real STRAIGHT man, that’s another issue altogether. I have always featured a wide variety of guys on this site, including guys who identify as gay, straight, and everything in between. Some are openly bi-curious, others are obviously gay or bisexual and just in denial, but the fact remains that SOME of these guys ARE truly straight and only participating in gay sex acts for the money (i.e., “gay for pay”).

                      It’s my belief that sexuality should be defined by one’s desires, orientation, attraction, lifestyle, etc., and not one’s sexual acts. Getting one’s dick sucked and fucking a guy in the ass for a much bigger paycheck than he’d get for doing straight porn – or even taking things further for even more money – doesn’t make a guy any less “straight” than me eating pussy or sticking my dick in a female would make me any less GAY.

                      I know a lot of gay guys swear they could never do something like that, but there are also plenty (myself included) who could totally fuck a female with the help of some Viagra and gay porn on my phone, in the same way some of these straight guys are able to for your entertainment. And at the end of the day, I don’t think performing those heterosexual ACTS would make me any less gay.

                      In fact, I’ve heard and read about many instances where “gay for pay” performers on the more mainstream “white” sites actually PREFER the submissive/”bottom” role because they don’t have to worry about struggling to get and stay hard…and the fact that they usually get paid more is a nice incentive as well 😉 . And literally within an hour of slobbering on another guy’s dick and getting fucked in the ass, they go home to their wives and children with their pockets full of cash and every bit as “straight” as they were before.

                    2. A.J.

                      I don’t even know how someone of your variety found yourself here. The fact you frequent this site is as crooked as your English and perspectives on manhood. You’re like a typing contradiction. You engage in watching the content all the while looking down on those involved. WTF??? We are on totally different frequencies i’m FM and you’re AM and I’m just gonna tune you right on out. Hope that’s real enough for you.

                    3. JoWilfried

                      MICHAEL, you nailed it! I understand fully your explanations… I’m just wondering why this guy A.J. or whatever is trying to pinpoint me here in this blog. I still stand on my definition of what the “real man” is supposed to be.

                    4. cocopop

                      So a straight man fucking another man is a real man, and the straight man being fucked is not a real man. If your argument holds true, in the real world (society) no straight man fucks another man, he fucks a woman. You can’t have it both ways JoWilfried, this is porn, gay for pay. If one is not a real man cause he’s being fucked, then the one fucking a man is not a real man for fucking this man. I hope that helps with your analogy or reasoning.

  1. Semaj

    It’s something I don’t like about this Zadian guy. Can’t put my finger on it but he annoys the hell out of me. I like the other guy. Had a little phatty ?

    1. Damien

      I actually want to see more of him now that I saw this video. I definitely like him a lot more now. I want to see him go further. Love his long legs. ..and he can fuck. I would like to see him let go ..suck dick, rim, kiss…etc.

  2. MyPhatAss23

    ZADIAN is a good top! …four times in one scene wtf that’s crazy and awesome at the same damn time.. Surprise new model Rory can suck dick and take dick good af. Michael G good job and I can’t wait to see Ross go all the way. Saint and Ross need to do a scene together I’m curious how a scene would go down between them. I miss Blake Bishop a lot I hope he returns back to BBA. Is Caesar coming back anytime soon?

    1. Semaj

      I hope Caesar returns but I highly doubt it. Im scared if Ross goes all the way he would be freaked out & we would never see him again. I want him to stay a top but get a little more intimate with his partner(s) like kissing & oral. Im patiently waiting for that lol. Im really in love with bul.

  3. man12345

    At the risk of being the kind of person who thinks everyone is gay, I have to say that Zadian was oh so comfortable with and very eager to have sex with this guy. For a man who has never been with a man and has no interest in men (allegedly), he was very comfortable, too comfortable if you ask me. However, even with his noticeable awkwardness it was still a good scene. He laid it down really good!

  4. Tayshawn

    Right I said the same thing four times and he kept shooting each time….he might be bi-sexual and just didn’t want to tell the audience because he didn’t need str8 porn unless Michael edited that part out…but once again another great job??????

  5. A.J.

    I’m excited Zadian is back! Rory needs to stop with those eyebrows though. I never understood the need for a gay man to groom his eyebrows down to Chicana status. There are very few men who can do that and still be hot to me. He’s not ugly those eyebrows kill it 4 me though. Too bad cause he thick.

  6. Allen Wells

    One of the most boring scenes I’ve ever seen on BBA, it’s time to cancel my subscription. The only thing worse than this is another flat scene involving Lil Tyga or Saint. I’m done Mike. I will rejoin when things get back to what brought me here. Peace!!!

  7. Stoned Mountain

    Zadian remains a magical mystery. He is so uncommunicative, but the boy definitely has great sexuality. Funny to hear him address his dick as a kind of disembodied tool. 😉 But I give him this: NEVER saw four orgasms back to back to back. Amazing.

    A suggestion. I think the best question for a guy in these circumstances, supposedly having his first gay intercourse, is simply to ask, did you enjoy it.

    Then move to the comparisons with girl intercourse.

    Regardless to what he says, the dude obviously enjoyed that ass and really got into it.

    Kudos to Rory for a great job. After the first nut he was probably like, wow, that was easy money. And THEN… LOL

  8. D-Money

    Wow Zadian definitely is a keeper!!! He’s cocky but a daredevil — for any amount of money he definitely willin to top and try anything once — right now since hes a newbie to the game he should definitely experience more toppin and oral i definitely like that he can go more than once so thats what definitely made the scene that and Rory who I swear I want to call Cory lol has a thick ass thick lips and I think needs a true fuckdown with BENO or even BLAKE OR SAINT OR all 3!!! Push his limits as well I definitely enjoyed this.

  9. Eagerbeaver

    Its interesting in some cases where a guy that cums too fast he is assumed to be not experienced enough, but here we have zadian that comes 4 times in one scene..and he is getting some praise 4 it.. Eh.. *sips ☕* ?

  10. cocopop

    Zadian broke all straight gay for pay records, starting with a hard dick before the short or pants came off (not needing to watch porn on phone, or to be sucked first to get it up). He was the most comfortable fucking a guy for the first time. Went on to set the record in the number of cum shots in one scene, gay or straight. The brother definitely has a high sexual nature. Personally I think the brother has fuck a guy before. He was hot in his first action scene, wasn’t much into Rory, hope to see more of Zadian. Keep up the good work Mike, love what you are doing so far, two months into 2016.

  11. cocopop

    It’s obvious to those observant enough to have watch all BBA straight gay for pay scenes that not one before have been aroused by a guy the first time without receiving head first or watching straight porn on cell. This brother’s dick hard before the draws and pants come off. Yes, he may have a high sex drive, able to nut two to four times in a setting. He has a certain sex appeal, a keeper, but straight I doubt, maybe Bi. With that said, Mike when can you have him sucking dick? So “NATURALBLKLUV” nobody seems to care about the nails but you.

  12. Tori Fan

    I couldn’t watch Ross and the dildo. Just seemed pointless for me. But I did watch the new guys Zadian and Rory. One word – HILARIOUS! Not in a bad way. But it just reminded me of my youth when I was accused of being a shooter. One of my hangups was that I would cum quick. But there was a time when that was a good thing cause I would still be hard like Zadian and would take longer the next time. Usually I would get…damn…you ain’t cum yet. I can’t take no more.

    I’d give it a 8 with possibility. Rory was a good guy and look forward to seeing him get fucked again. Thanks for the toe shots… my dick working this early morning.

    Request: how about getting some more real gay guys to fuck like Knockout. I love seeing regular masculine guys give in to their passion and just go for it.

  13. Eagerbeaver

    Anybody else think it’s funny how it’s been 5 days and this scene only got 56 likes?. Can we get a full 60 before the next scene comes out????

  14. Heather Wolfe

    Speaking from a Transgender perspective I feel we tend to forget the definition of Sexual Attraction over Mental Attraction. We so quick to throw labels out there I can have a sexual experience with a plenty of guys and never have any real connection meaning I can go home to my wife and kid who has me and that connection yal associating with gay and vice versa if any of these allegedly straight men have the same feelings. Do I believe that all of these men have never had some type of same sex experience before here. Of course not don’t be stupid I’m just saying that being Gay is being involved in a homosexual relationship. Meanwhile you can see the growth of those who didn’t before to loving it now should we say they bisexual now. Would they indulge outside of the money and if you knew any of them personally which I’m sure some do. Do they???????


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