Website Update: Majesty Turns The Tables & Other Outtakes

Migo and Majesty
Many viewers have recently been asking about Migo and Majesty, and letting me know just how much they are missed. Until I’m able to work with them again, which I hope will be soon, here’s a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN, unfinished “sequel” to their first scene together.

Filmed the following day, this was originally supposed to be an action-packed threesome with another new model who unfortunately had to back out due to personal reasons. As a last-minute back-up, I decided to have Majesty “turn the tables” and sample some of the horse-hung straight boy’s OTHER “assets” 😉 !

Migo's OTHER "Asset"
Even though his massive “monster” of a huge, uncut dick tends to steal the spotlight most of the time (and for good reason), Migo also happens to have a cute muscle-butt that would no doubt be overlooked and neglected by just about any other site besides BBA! And like many of BBA’s viewers, I’ve been wanting to see that tight little ass stuffed with RAW dick again ever since Saint popped Migo’s cherry a few months before.

Unfortunately, this is one of those shoots that sounded good in theory, but ultimately proved to be a little TOO far out of the comfort zones for BOTH guys. Even though things didn’t turn out quite like we’d hoped, it’s still hot as hell seeing this big-dicked straight “top” reluctantly taking on the more submissive role by sucking dick for only the second time in his life, and BENDING OVER to get BUTT-FUCKED without a condom….

Majesty Turns The Tables
When it becomes clear that things aren’t going to work out like we’d planned, we return to the more familiar roles and end up filming what turned out to be the climactic bedroom footage from the original scene, some outtakes from which are included here.

This collection of hot bonus footage also features some previously unreleased clips from Majesty’s introductory interview in which he discusses his bisexuality and initiation into the world of guy-on-guy sex.

Migo Fucking Majesty

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11 comments on “Website Update: Majesty Turns The Tables & Other Outtakes
  1. djjrda

    I am glad to see other people appreciating Majesty’s beauty. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. Please bring him back!!!!!

  2. D-Money

    thanks mike!!! always good to see these two hotties behind the scenes!!! hope mike we can get majesty back on the big screen very soon!!!!

  3. Stoned Mountain

    Oh man, Majesty is drop-dead gorgeous! Where you been hiding him?

    Just starting on this outtake, hasn’t disrobed yet, but I am sold. Not just those lips that have you woozy, love the eyes too.

    Wow. Such a cutie. He’s like Blake, I bet he always gets his way…

  4. A.J.

    I’ve always loved Migo. I love his quirky character and the way he puts in effort. The other day though I saw a tumblr post of him and damn near went into palpitations. Migo is that deal. I wanna see more of him he’s a premium package.

  5. Tori Fan

    You know what I’m going to say about Majesty. Bring that fine muthafucka back and pair him up with somebody HOT! Maybe you can bring Dragon back out of retirement.

    Pretty toes, Nice size dick and handsome. If I was in St. Louis he could fuck me.

    I never liked Migo and his big ass dick anyway… hahaha….don’t remember if he has pretty toes or not.

  6. PhatAss23

    Michael this scene was hot Migo is not a bottom and Idk know if he’ll ever get used to the feeling of a dick in his ass. This is his second time trying to take dick I’m proud of him for trying but he’s a top frfr. Majesty is a cute sexy mf I won’t mind seeing him again. This Thursday you gotta step it up buddy bring that heat. This Thursday I’m looking forward to bustin’ a good nut so don’t let me down Michael.

  7. Chris

    I wanna see Majesty back maybe paired with Blake. I wanna see Ross back but with him kissing & I want somebody to suck his dick til he cums. I think his reaction would be hot.

    I also want to see Caesar AB Julien & Isaiah


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