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Hey, everyone!

In an effort to bring you all some extra content and fun, we have decided to start the BBA Q&A!

The BBA Q&A will be a semi-regular video series, hosted by me, Montez. I will be sitting down with BBA Models (some via Zoom and some in-person) to ask them the questions that YOU want the answers to. So this is where we need you. The first guest on BBA Q&A will be Ross!

Reply to this post with your questions by Tuesday, June 30th, midnight eastern time. Please include the username you want us to use. No real names. We cannot promise that we will get to every single question. It really depends on the amount of questions we get, so please limit it to three questions per person.

You can also make them fun! Feel free to give Ross a Truth Or Dare option! Be creative! We want to make this a fun, interactive experience for the models and for you. So hit us with your questions in the comments below!




BBA Under Quarantine: Spring Schedule & Sale

Like many of you across the country (and world!) right now, we’re still under a strict “stay at home” order due to the spread of COVID-19, and it’s looking like it may be several weeks (at the earliest) before we’re able to resume production of new content.

As much as I’d love to report that we have an emergency stockpile of hot new scenes waiting for you in the wings, that unfortunately isn’t the case. The recent Kingston/Dominic/Scuba scenes were actually filmed just in the nick of time, about a week before everything began shutting down.

Unless you want our future updates to look like the scenario below lol, we’re going to have to take a break from filming the kind of content you’re used to seeing here at BBA….

But don’t worry, we’re still committed to keeping everyone entertained during these stressful times. Over the next several weeks, we will continue updating the website every Saturday, and occasionally twice a week on Wednesdays as well.

Updates will include a combination of “behind the scenes” and bonus footage from your favorite models and scenes, homemade solo content filmed by the models, exclusive Q&A’s with your favorite models, and any other fun and creative ideas we can come up with during the downtime. If you have any special requests or ideas of your own, please email me at and/or share in the comments below!

During the break from production, we’re also going to be upgrading the website to a new and improved look. This is something we’ve had on our “To Do” list for awhile, and we figured why not take advantage of the extra time to tackle a long overdue site renovation? We hope to have the new website ready to launch no later than this summer.

We hope our loyal monthly subscribers will stick around and enjoy the alternative content in the weeks ahead, as well as continued access to our entire collection of over 430 scenes.

Since we know times are tough, we’re offering a special discounted price of $14.95 for a monthly subscription, re-billed every 30 days at the same rate. This is a total savings of 25% off every month!

Current members will need to cancel and resubscribe to take advantage of this discount, but to thank you for sticking with us, you can continue enjoying this discounted rate for as many months as you’d like until you cancel. Just use Promo Code QUARANTINEMEMBER on our “Join” page to take advantage of this special deal.

We’re also still offering the special sale of just $9.95 for our basic 15 credits package, a total savings of MORE THAN 30%! Just use Promo Code QUARANTINE on our “Join” page to take advantage of that special promotion.

Our hope is that BBA can continue providing entertainment and escape during these difficult days, and help make it easier for everyone to shelter at home and stay healthy and safe in the weeks and months ahead!


Coming Soon! (Video Teaser)

Revised February & March 2020 Schedule

We’ve had to postpone our production schedule by about a week in order to accommodate a death in the family of one of our models, and a few other complications behind the scenes.  The final update planned for February will now be posted in early March instead – about a week later than originally announced.

If you’re a monthly subscriber who hasn’t received your three promised updates​ when that time comes, please contact ​Montez ​at and ​he’ll​ be happy to add extra time to your membership ​so you can enjoy that third scene for this month.

With that in mind, here’s our TENTATIVE update schedule for the month of March:

Update #1 (originally third February update): March 6th or 7th
Update #2: March 13th or 14th
Update #3: March 20th or 21st
Update #4: On or before March 31st

Please rest assured we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you more fresh faces and unforgettable new scenes in the weeks and months to come.

For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks!


February 2020 Schedule

Thanks for the rave reviews for our latest scene so far! Glad most of you seem to be enjoying it as much as we’d hoped and expected.

Here’s our TENTATIVE February 2020 schedule:

Update #1: February 13th or 14th (Valentine’s Day scene)
Update #2: February 22nd or 23rd
Update #3: On or before February 29th

Please be sure to follow us on Twitter for special sneak previews, fun polls, behind the scenes stories, bloopers and outtakes, ​etc.

You can follow me @bba_michael and the official BBA Twitter @bbaddictionz. ​Thanks!


January 2020 Schedule

HAPPY NEW YEAR to some of the most passionate and loyal fans we could ever hope or wish for!

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and unforgettable holiday season with family and/or friends.

Here’s our TENTATIVE January 2020 schedule:

Update #1: January 10th or 11th (“A BBA Christmas Carol: The Ghost of Christmas Future”)
Update #2: January 24th or 25th
Update #3: January 30th or 31st

I’ll be taking a look back at the past year and posting my personal Top 10 list and viewer polls soon. Montez will be sharing his own Top 10 list as well. Can’t wait to see what this new year and decade has in store for BBA and its fans!

For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks!


Website Update (with Video Teaser): Scuba Surrenders

By now it probably goes without saying that NO ASS IS SAFE here at BBA. This is something that rising young superstar Scuba learned the “hard” way while sharing a room with Stylez on a recent BBA trip.

Scuba is a sexy bisexual “top” whose thick dick is perfectly matched by an equally juicy-thick bubble-butt he’s kept strictly “off limits” ever since he started messing around with guys just a couple short years ago.

Anyone following me on Twitter (@bba_michael) already knows I’ve been drooling over Scuba’s tempting teen ass ever since his impressive gay porn debut earlier this year. My own personal conversations with Scuba, as well as several enticing glimpses of his tight, tiny hole, have confirmed for me beyond any doubt that he’s telling the truth about being a virgin who’s understandably nervous about taking such a big step. Of course this has only made me want to see it split open and enjoyed by another man’s dick even more!

Based on the recent flood of emails and tweets begging to see Scuba bottom, it’s clear I haven’t been the only one with these wicked ideas. Lucky for us, Stylez decided to take advantage of his serendipitous “roommate” assignment on a recent BBA trip and make our porn dreams come true.

Waking up hot and horny in the middle of the night, Stylez sneaks down to the bottom bunk bed where Scuba is passed out in a deep sleep after a long day of travel. Stylez quietly and carefully peels down the sleeping boy’s boxers to expose the beautiful bubble-butt popping out, almost DARING to be given some long overdue attention.

You’ll have to see for yourself how things pop off from there, but let’s just say Stylez wastes no time claiming the prize that he’s after.

There’s lots of noisy, sloppy-wet ass-eating as Stylez greedily devours Scuba’s sweet VIRGIN hole, prepping it for the plundering to come with his warm saliva and probing tongue.

“Can’t wait to be up in this motherfuckin’ ass!” Stylez exclaims, looking like an excited little kid on Christmas morning.

Stylez is patient and gentle as he struggles to take his new smoke buddy’s cherry. It takes several tries, first with fingers and then eventually dick, and every suspenseful, surprising second is captured on camera for you to savor and enjoy….



Coming Soon: Jah Joins BBA! (Video Teaser)

Website Update: Atlantic City Adventures – Episode One

For my first scenes back behind the camera in several months, I wanted to do something special, so I decided to take BBA on the road for a weekend getaway.

Montez and I were joined by three of the BBA models and one very special guest for an unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and adventure on the boardwalk and beaches of Atlantic City. And of course I had my camera with me so you wouldn’t miss out on a thing!

Join us behind the scenes to see what went down behind closed doors when several of your favorite BBA models met up in “Monopoly City”….

It’s been several painfully long months since Dominic shocked his fans by finally surrendering his tight virgin ass for the VERY FIRST TIME.

Seeing that sweet cherry get popped and stretched open by Apollo‘s long dick was so intensely hot that it left me and many BBA viewers impatiently hoping Dominic wouldn’t be TOO “traumatized” to try it again soon with the right guy. And this recent weekend getaway seemed like the perfect opportunity to give the skeptical straight boy some much-needed practice 😉 !

See for yourself what happened when Trapp joined us on his very first BBA trip (his first time away from Saint Louis) and got to be only the second person lucky enough to bury his thick, hard dick – RAW! – deep inside Dominic’s flawless bubble-butt….



Start Spreadin’ The News….

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already a third of the way over! Where has the time gone?!?

It’s certainly been an eventful and exciting year around here so far. From Kingston going viral and then taking things to the next level, to Dominic and Justice shocking everyone by surrendering their tight, virgin asses; Apollo and Bandit’s epic showdown, to Ross’s unexpected return; it’s been a year jam-packed with steamy showdowns and epic surprises.

And we’re just getting started 😉 ! Like I mentioned in the latest scene summary, we’re stepping up our search for fresh faces and hope to add a variety of hot new guys to the BBA roster in the weeks and months to come.

I also wanted to let everyone know about a stressful but exciting change coming up in my personal life. Within the next couple months, I will be leaving my life in Saint Louis and relocating to New York City. I’m eager and hopeful to discover what this next chapter will bring, but of course it would also be nice if I could just snap my fingers and already be settled into my new life in the Big Apple. Tons still to do before that can happen.

This partly explains why we’ve been featuring so many scenes directed by Shax Carter lately, and will continue doing so throughout the next couple months until I’m able to resume my normal production schedule. Montez and Shax have both been incredibly supportive and helpful in picking up the slack and keeping everything running smoothly while I deal with these unavoidable challenges and distractions in my personal life.

Fans of Shax’s beautiful cinematography and more polished, professional style will be in for a real treat this Spring. But those who miss my own scenes need not worry, I plan to get back behind (and maybe even in front of) the camera again just as soon as I can 😉 !

With this in mind, below is our TENTATIVE May 2019 schedule:

Update #1: May 16th or 17th
Update #2: May 23rd or 24th
Update #3: May 30th or 31st

We’ve got some hot things in the works for our viewers. For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks! (more…)