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Tales From the Corps: The Boot (An X-Tube Classic)

Click above to check out one of my all-time favorite X-Tube clips. It’s a little bit on the rough side, but I think many of you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Because it’s animated, I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it at first….but it turned out to be more arousing and memorable than 99% of the live-action porn I’ve seen! It includes so many of my most intense erotic fantasies and fetishes: interracial sex, rough/aggressive sex, coerced sex, straight males having gay sex, military sex, and facials.

Not only do I love the artist’s delightfully wicked imagination (so similar to my own!), but I’m also so impressed with his inclusion of seemingly minor but erotically powerful details such as precum leaking from dicks, saliva dripping from chins, sweat pouring from foreheads, and tears running down cheeks.

If this kind of thing turns you on as well, you should stop by MCBoy21’s X-Tube profile, check out his other videos, and take a minute or two to tell him how much you appreciate his hard work!


Whose Ass Was Tastier?!?

Eating Jay's Ass

I just got the following message from a fan of my videos. It made me laugh, and I thought I’d share it with my blog readers:

i am not one pressed for dick, but really wouldnt turn down a chance to suck off cortez. so have you heard from him recently and how is jay, you know they have to do a video together next right lol and whose dick and ass was tastier cortez or jay?

Of course that is an impossible question to answer, LOL! That’s like asking a little kid to choose between candy and ice-cream 😉 !

Both Jay and Cortez had two of the sweetest asses and most delicious dicks I’ve ever had the privilege of tasting! If I absolutely had to choose, I’d probably pick Jay’s dick over Cortez’s, and Cortez’s ass over Jay’s.

I liked the way Jay’s smaller-sized dick slid smoothly in and out of my mouth; the smooth texture of its caramel skin; as well as its salty-sweet taste.

Jay’s ass, on the other hand, had a clean, almost soapy, taste to it, probably because his video-shoot started in the morning, only an hour or so after he’d showered.

In contrast, I filmed my scene with Cortez well after midnight, and his ass had that sweaty, musky taste and smell that only a young thug’s ass can have. Plus, his asshole was so tiny and unbelievably tight, and it was a huge turn-on to be granted (reluctant) access to that most private, protected part of his body that even his countless “bitches” had never dared to explore!

I agree that a scene with Jay and Cortez together would be a porn dream come true, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I think we’ll see 50 Cent elected President before that happens, LOL! Even if by some miracle they both agreed to do it, I doubt I’d have enough cash on hand to make it happen. Still, it’s a hot fantasy….


Vinnie Russo’s Straight Boy Seductions



If you’re familiar with the amateur porn of “Vinnie Russo” (Sneek Peek Productions and Dawghouse Video), it probably won’t come as a huge surprise that his videos have been a major influence on my own productions. I didn’t even realize the extent of that influence until going back and re-watching a few of his videos recently.

Vinnie’s videos are about as authentically amateur as “straight boy” porn can get. They are filmed in a regular apartment (sometimes you can even see Vinnie’s cat in the background), with just a basic camcorder and tripod. There’s no cameraman, no fancy lighting, and no flashy editing.

Vinnie is a stocky, well-hung, blue-collar-type Italian guy who invites young, masculine “thugs” and working-class guys (white, black, and Latino) into his home for “discreet” encounters.

The guys in his videos are allegedly straight, although I suspect that most of them are probably closer to what we’d call “bisexual” or “on the DL.” But unlike some of the porn producers that try to pass off queeny, lisping gay boys as STRAIGHT boys going “gay for pay,” Vinnie’s guys are undeniably masculine in a way that is still very much a turn-on. Many of them are in and out of jail, a lot of them are heavily tattooed, and most have wives or girlfriends.


One of the things I love most about Vinnie’s scenes is the way he leaves the camera running while the guys smoke and enjoy a couple beers before the action begins. We get to hear them talking about the “bitches” they fucked that week, or some fight they got into at the neighborhood bar, or what a relief it is to be out of prison after being locked up for three months.

What I love is just how unscripted and spontaneous the whole thing feels. We feel like we’re right there in Vinnie’s living room, like it’s us chatting with the hot straight studs rather than Vinnie. We start to get a sense of their personalities, which in my opinion makes the action that follows all the more arousing to watch.

Every video follows pretty much the same routine: The young straight stud lies back in a chair, or on a couch, or on a bed, sometimes with a cigarette in one hand and beer in the other, and with straight porn playing in the background, while Vinnie kneels between his legs and gives him a blowjob.



In some videos, Vinnie moves his mouth a little lower and licks the straight guy’s asshole. There are few things hotter, in my opinion, than watching a gay man tongue-worship a hot straight boy’s sweaty, usually-OFF-LIMITS asshole.




Japanese Straight Boys Submitting To Gay Sex Acts For Cash

If I had to choose, I’d say that out of all the porn I’ve seen in my life (and that’s A LOT 😉 ), the BIGGEST influence on the videos I’ve made so far has been some of the gay porn produced in Japan.

I first discovered it a few years ago, and it’s left an indelible mark on my erotic imagination ever since. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s the most intensely arousing gay porn I’ve ever seen. And if the idea of straight boys having gay sex for money turns you on as much as it turns me on, I think you’ll agree!

Most “gay for pay” porn in the United States is ridiculously, insultingly fake at worst….and highly suspicious at best. What I love about Japanese porn, especially the stuff produced by the studios Japan Pictures and Field Express, is its AUTHENTICITY.

Every scene follows a simple but highly arousing routine: A toned, usually stunningly gorgeous athlete (we’re often shown scenes of him playing his sport beforehand, many times with an actual high school or college team) sits alone in a bedroom or living room somewhere. A man behind the camera talks to him in Japanese for a long time (making me wish to God I knew Japanese), and my sense is that they’re talking about the guy’s heterosexuality, his feelings about what he’s agreed to do for money, etc. Maybe I’m way off, but regardless, the lengthy interviews reveal the guy to be authentically masculine, down to earth, nervous, aloof, reluctant, etc.


The young athlete strips and starts jacking off. Eventually an older Japanese guy (usually in his 30’s and not bad-looking himself), who is oddly enough almost always wearing goggles, begins slowly massaging and fondling the young man’s naked body.

There is little doubt in my mind that for most of these guys it is their first time being touched by another man: The athlete is always visibly uncomfortable, and there’s something about the way he tightly shuts his eyes, or the way his body tenses up, that feels anything but faked.


The older guy then force-kisses him (again proving the boy’s straightness, as the younger guy usually clenches his lips shut in disgust at first, then eventually surrenders….very reluctantly….to the older man’s insistent tongue).




Can’t Get Enough J-Bone!


When I first got home after being away for the holidays, I was excited to see that my copy of Joe Schmoe‘s latest flick, Black Street Cock 4 Rent #2, had arrived in the mail. Porn addict that I am, I quickly popped it into my DVD player, even before taking the time to call friends or unpack 😉 .

I’m usually not crazy about “solo” videos, and most of the guys featured are too beefy for my tastes. But I purchased this DVD for one reason and one reason only: J-BONE!!!

It’s hard to put my finger on it, but there’s something about this tall, slim, straight-boy wannabe-thug that REALLY turns me on!

His deep, raspy voice is sexy as hell, and I love the way he tries to mask his insecurities about dick size, sexual orientation, etc., with a cocky, macho swagger. It’s especially funny the way he repeatedly reminds the cameraman and his viewers that his performance is “just for the women.”

His dick isn’t very big, and although it surprised me a little bit at first, I still think it looks nice and tasty. Plus, he’s clearly self-conscious and awkward about it throughout the scene, which I actually found sort of cute and endearing.

J-Bone 2
J-Bone’s solo scene is one of the hottest I’ve seen in awhile.

His smooth, slender body is just the type I prefer, and I love the way his large, shiny-white teeth stand out against his beautiful dark skin. His dick looks a lot better than he seems to think, and his charcoal-black balls had me wishing I could reach through the screen for a quick grab-and-taste.

And say what you will about the size of his dick, the boy still manages to pump out an impressive, creamy-white load that will have all the cum-lovers out there drooling for a mouthful.




For me, the hottest thing about J-Bone’s scene is his obvious nervousness about doing something like this in front of a gay cameraman, and his refusal to do anything “gay.”

My favorite moment in J-Bone’s scene is when the cameraman asks J-Bone to turn around and show his ass, and J-Bone has this priceless expression, sort of like, “you want me to do WHAT?!?” I actually laughed out loud and had to rewind several times to watch it again. It’s one of those classic amateur moments that just can’t be faked!

There’s another hilarious moment when Joe (?) crawls onto the bed with J-Bone and tries to cop a feel, and J-Bone practically leaps off the bed to keep the man away.

I hope Joe won’t give up easily, because I’m dying to see J-Bone in a scene with another guy, even if it’s only getting a handjob or blowjob at first. What I’d REALLY love to see, however, is J-Bone paired up with one of Joe’s bisexual “redneck” buddies….now THAT would be something to see!

If Joe can’t talk him into it, I hope he’ll send J-Bone my way….with some time and money, I think I could turn him out 😉 !

My only critique of the video is that there weren’t enough ass-shots for a butt-lover like me, and it seemed rather heavily edited at times. Personally, I’d rather hear and see just about EVERYTHING that goes on, even though it might be considered “blooper material” by some.

You can check out Joe Schmoe’s videos here.